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My achievements in 2011 and special thanks to my readers!

Dear readers,
I am so happy to greet you now in 2012! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration! In my next post I am going to share our celebration with you ;)

The past year was very interesting. It was challenging, but also rewarding. It was in 2011 when I started receiving more comments to my posts and now my blog gets more than 2000 visits each month. I am so grateful to all my readers! This blog wouldn't exist without you! You rock!

I'd like to share the most popular posts from 2011 with you. Some are quite logically popular, others - well, frankly speaking, I didn't quite expect them to be so interesting, but it was a good surprise. So, here's the list:

1) Social media marketing for translators, Part 1. - 212 views;
2) How do I work on my quality? - 155 views;
3) Proofreading thoughts and tips - 132 views;
4) What makes a good freelance translator, Part 3 - 131 views;
5) The Versatile Blogger award - 123 views;
6) Proofreading, editing, copy-editing and post-editing - 121 views;
7) One cool Twitter app that helps me tweet smarter - 121 views;
8) What makes a good translator? Part 2 - 115 views;
9) What makes a good translator? Part 1 - 114 views;
10) Grandfather Frost, Santa Claus and St. Nicholas - 110 views;
11) Can't help sharing (absolutely offtopic) - 108 views;

I'd like to ask all of my readers for a favour: could you please share your favourite posts from my blog? And why do you like those posts? Thank you in advance!

I'd also like to thank those people who helped spread the word about my blog. THANK YOU!
Special thanks to my Twitter friends! I'd like to say special thanks to Catherine Christaki (@LinguaGreca), Ewa Erdmann (@Transliteria), Aga Gordon (@acgtranslation), Jonathan Senior (@JonSenior1), Erik Hansson (@erik_hansson), Marta Chereshnovska (@Martav88), Rose Newell (@Lingocode), @babla, Marta Stelmaszak (@mstelmaszak), Samuel D. Ewans (@Samuel_D_Ewans), Paul Sulzberger (@PaulEdgar1), John Barre (@JohnBarre), Liudmila Davydova (@ldavydova), Anastasia Nuskaeva (@AnrusTranslate), Sergey Rybkin (@sergeyrybkin) and Jim Connolly (@JimConnolly) for making a considerable impact on my life and business.

I would also like to thank my Facebook fans for their valuable comments to my posts and other links I shared with them. I've been more active in Google+ lately, and I am very thankful for all comments there.

This year it was a special honour for me to be included into the list of Top 25 language twitterers and given the Versatile Blogger award. This is a great honour which gives me a strong motivation to continue doing my very best.

Blessings to all my readers! Have a fruitful, joyful, peaceful and prosperous year!


  1. Congratulations for your achievements Olga, may 2012 be even more successful for you! It was a great pleasure to e-meet you in 2011, I look forward to even more nice conversations between us on Twitter :)

  2. Thank you Catheirne! Oh yes, I am looking forward to that, too! And hopefully, we get to meet in "real" life some time :)

  3. Wonderful and great achievements! I should be learning from you. I still haven't got a clue about how Twitter functions, apart from the fact that I managed to create an account there, and I know even less about Google+. But I'm happy that I was at least able to connect to AdSense and it even brings something like income, though the figures are very funny.

  4. Dear Olga, thank you for your feedback! I guess we should learn from each other then, as my AdSense experience can't be called positive :(

  5. This is the only POST I really read carefully, but your BLOG is already strongly recommended in my FB page. And nice to see you are committed to the Lord!

    Elildo Mancebo Reis
    from Brazil

    1. Hi Elildo! I am so happy to meet you! And I am speechless. Thank you also for the warm recommendation on Facebook! That's real music to my ears :)


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