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How do I work on my quality?

Every translator needs to keep working on the quality, otherwise we will quickly lose our clients. They want us to be reliable, because their business depends on our quality and promptness. So I have been striving for better quality from the very beginning of my freelance career. There are two dimensions in this process: the first is working on your quality "here and now" to make sure you send the best possible translation to your client; the second is working on improving your writing style, your spelling/grammar and other skills that you need in order to progress in your freelance career. Here are some ideas that have helped me and may be helpful to you: Keep a list of mistakes that you often make. Thus, next time when you need to type this difficult word, it will be right there before your eyes! That will definitely save you time that you normally spend on looking for the same word in a dictionary or typing it wrong and then correcting it. Do a thorough research

Happy Easter! Christ is risen!

My dear readers! I am wishing all of you a very happy Easter! Christ is risen! Мои дорогие читатели! Я всех поздравляю с праздником Пасхи! Христос воскрес!

Things that make me happy

Remember my last post about relaxing? Well, my body got so angry with me working too much that it decided to teach me a lesson. I fell sick with some nasty virus... twice. 3 weeks of virtually zero-level productivity. Terrible. If you don't want to end up in the same situation, please take some rest when you are busy! But my sickness also made me remember something very important. Little things that I really love. As I was reflecting on those things I was amazed at how easy it is actually to be a happy person. And then I thought that I would love to share them with you. Maybe they will make you happy, too... 1) I love it when I don't have to set an alarm clock to wake up early in the morning; 2) I love going outside in the middle of a busy day and buying something. It doesn't really matter whether it's some candy or a new nail polish, anything can work :) 3) I love tea: my Twitter friends have already noticed me talking about strong black one, but I also love herb