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New Year Resolutions

I am so sorry I didn't send my best wishes for Christmas to the readers of my blog! Please forgive me!!!!! Since most of you also read my FB page I congratulated everybody there, but I still feel guilty. =( My only excuse is that in Russia we celebrate Christmas on January 7th. So my Christmas post is still to follow! ;-) We are rapidly approaching the New Year. It's amazing how time seems to fly faster and faster as it gets closer to December 31st. New Year is a big holiday here. Everybody has their own family traditions on this day. Some traditional foods include the Russian salad, tangerines and red caviar. Kids are looking forward to Father Frost (Russian version of Santa Claus) to bring them presents. It's a special holiday for many children because on December 31st they get to stay up late, like grown-ups! My daughter loves that, and she always wants to see how Father Frost puts her presents under the Christmas tree exactly at midnight, but he somehow managers to and

Sorry I've been kind of silent recently. Last week was really busy. Now I'm more or less free and looking for new projects. So far my season specials have brought some new clients to me. I do hope we'll have a chance to cooperate again =) Meanwhile, since I've had some spare time, I decided to work on my portfolio . Right now I'm updating the one on (the biggest Russian portal for freelancers in different fields). Have been working on it all weekend and almost all day yesterday. It looks somewhat prettier, but definitely needs more work. After I'm done with it, I'll need to update the one on These are two major translation portals where I find work (or where the work finds me), so I need to keep my prospective and existing clients up to date about my experience and projects I've done recently. What I like about is that it allows me not just to enter text, but to attach screen shots with samples and logos. That'