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Social media news: Now you can get a custom URL for your Google+ profile

Today when I opened my email the first thing I saw was a message from Google+. It said that from now on all Google+ users can get personalized URLs for their profiles. If you remember, until now your Google+ address was a strange and long combination of numbers. All you need to do is click on "Get custom URL" button in the message and you will be taken to a new page where you need to type in your cell phone number. Don't forget to choose the appropriate country. They will send you an SMS with the code that you need to type in a separate box and that's it! You have a custom URL! Mine is

Interview with Emeline Jamoul from In Touch Translations

About a month ago, before the International Translation Day , Emeline asked me to take part in a series of interviews with different translators about their life and work. "The project is designed around one main idea: “Translation is…”. Translators all around the world are welcome to send their answer and their thoughts on this topic. By September 30, we aim to reach an important number of participations – showing the diversity of our profession. All the answers will be published on this blog, showcasing the pride that we take in being translators." (Emeline Jamoul: About the project)

13 essential things to do in order to succeed as a freelancer.

Image source: 1. Before you start freelancing full-time, make sure you have enough money for the first several months when you will be searching for your first clients and just trying to spread the word about who you are and what you do. Or make sure you have a source of financing so that you do not go broke while you are just starting out. More information about freelancing and finances here . 2. Being a freelancer, it is very easy and tempting to just stay in front of your computer all day long and eat junk food or sandwiches all the time. But staying healthy is important. So make sure you eat healthy food and leave time for exercising . 3. Remember that you need a balance between your work and the rest of your life . So do leave time for your family. Freelancing most often means working more than people who have "normal" jobs. So it can be pretty exhausting no matter how much you love what you do. That's why balance is necessary.

Top #language and #xl8 tweets in September 2013

You didn't think I forgot about my monthly series, did you? Of course not! Now that we finally eliminated the source of my Internet problems which was a dying router, I am more than happy to resume the normal working and blogging schedule :) So let's see what are the top language and translation tweets in September ! I have prepared a great list for you and really hope that you will find it useful.     Language tweets:

Telma Bauer: From a Project Manager Point of View

Hi everybody and happy belated International Translation Day ! I think I congratulated my colleagues in all possible social networks, but I forgot to do it here, so I'm doing it now. I also have a small announcement for you:  maybe you've seen my messages in social media or just noticed it by yourself, but my blog url has changed . It is now and this address is here to stay as long as I want it to :) I think it will be a pretty long time since I really like it that way. Also, together with the website the RSS-feed address has changed , too. Those of you who subscribed via email are fine, you just automatically started to receive the new feed. But if you subscribed to my blog via an RSS feed reader, you need to subscribe again . My feed address is . You can also choose any of the subscription options in the right hand panel ( email, RSS, social networks ). If