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Alina Cincan: How I chose my specialty fields

After a two-week break I am back with the series about specialization. And we are going to read the story of Alina Cincan who already published a guest post in my blog once. I hope this is not the last time when we collaborate :) So let's see what Alina has to say about her specialty fields. Photo by Cea

Sara Colombo: How did I choose my specialisation field

Hi everybody! So how are you doing? I can't believe autumn is coming so fast! As much as I like the summer, I can't wait for September to come. If you read this announcement you'll know why :) My second webinar for Russian-speaking translators is approaching fast, too. This time we are going to talk about blogging as part of translation business. You can check the details and register here . And now let's get down to business :) Hope you remember that we are talking about specialisation . And this time my guest is Sara Colombo. Sara is a freelance translator, interpreter, blogger and author. She is going to be one of the speakers at our September Conference and give us some important advice about transforming a blog into a book. So if you are blogger and if you are looking for a way to make a book using your blog posts, Sara is the person you need! You can read Sara's blog at Balance Your Words and connect with her on Twitter and Facebook . And h

Catherine Christaki: My top specialization - Why and how

I always knew I wanted to be a translator but my plans never went as far as choosing what my specializations would be before finishing my linguistic studies. As with many other translators I know, hobbies and personal choice were the decisive factors on what would eventually become my preferred specializations. To answer Olga’s question in this post, I’ll focus on my top and favorite specialization only, which is Information Technology. I also specialize in medical texts and gambling, but it would take a few more posts to tell the stories about those two. :)

Top #language and #xl8 related tweets in July 2013

July has been a very challenging month. But it has also been very fruitful. And as usual, I can't believe how fast the time is flying! In one month my daughter will start her second year in primary school. Although she says she doesn't miss school at all :) And it's also time to share the most popular tweets about translation and languages ! As usual, website is helping me to find those tweets and share them with you. It's unbelievable how many interesting messages have been published in July. But don't just take my word for it. Check those links because they are definitely worth it! Language tweets: