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Overcoming 10 worst business mistakes. Best practices from freelance translators worldwide.

Fist of all, I am amazed at how popular my previous post became. There have been over 5000 views of it already. It has never happened to any of my posts before, which tells me that the article really struck the chord with my colleagues. We need to be honest and open about mistakes we make! That's how we can learn from one another! Thanks for all your comments here and in social networks. Your opinion and your experience matter! One of my readers asked to render an account of the ways to remedy those mistakes . I think it's a great idea, and, besides my experience, I am also going to use the experience of my colleagues, shared publicly in their blogs or in comments to the previous post.

10 worst mistakes I made as a freelancer

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm." Sir Winston Churchill Image granted by my colleague and friend Magda Phili If Sir Winston Churchill was right, then I should be very successful. We all make tons of mistakes. And I am not an exception. My mistakes nowadays may not be as big as they were at the beginning of my freelance career, but I still make them and do my best to learn from them. I also watch others make mistakes and I do my best to learn from them, too. So here's the list of major mistakes in freelance business I made since 2007. Hope it helps other colleagues to learn and grow. And you are welcome to share the mistakes you made, so we can all learn from one another!

Top language, translation, marketing and freelancing tweets in May and June 2014

Hi everybody! Long time no see! I am so happy to be back with you and to be able to share the list of top tweets for May AND June 2014! For those who just started following my blog: once a month (sometimes once every two months) I go to the website and make a list of most popular tweets about languages, translation, marketing and freelancing. Only the most shared tweets are included in the list. I also keep the original hashtags and the Twitter accounts of those who share those tweets so you can make your own search using those hashtags and follow accounts you find most interesting. So let’s start!