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Useful psychology and philosophy glossaries for translators

First of all, I'd like to share an announcement with you! At website you can now see all the details about the conference, the sessions and the speakers. As I said, you can pick any number of sessions you like and pay separately for each, or buy a season ticket. And no matter whether you paid for 1 session or for the whole event you get the access to our speed networking event. How can it help you in your translation career? You can read more about it here . 1 session costs about 30 USD and the season ticket costs 160 USD . Besides, if you register before January 31st you can get 25% off the ticket price ! Just type in the code EARLYBIRD at checkout. So you see we've been really trying to make it as affordable as possible. And now back to the business :) A couple weeks ago I translated a very interesting document that made me do extensive research in the fields of intercultural relations , psychology and philosophy . So if you are doing the transl

Learn About Translation Degree Options

The world continues to grow smaller as the Internet has made it possible to quickly and easily communicate with people around the world. In order for these communications to be effective, it is necessary for a variety of different languages to be supported. Translation services are an area in which there is seemingly unlimited growth potential. Graduates of programs that focus on such skills will be able to work within government agencies, as freelance translators, in corporate translation capacities, as developers of translation software, and within the personal translation industry. For the individual who is interested in pursuing a translation degree, a variety of different options are available. Some colleges and universities offer professional certificates, while others offer bachelor's, master's or doctorate degrees in translation. The right program will depend on the circumstances of a particular person. For a few ideas about the options available to people who wa

Take control of YOUR business!

Looks like many translation professionals are starting 2013 with more or less the same goals. They want to take control of their business . They want to define their own rates, their own payment terms and deadlines. They don't want to feel like employees, but really want to be in charge of their business. It is possible for people of other professions. So why not make it possible for us, too? You can read these thoughts in Marta Stelmaszak's new post called " Lesson 50: 2013 - The Year of Translators ". And members of our LinkedIn group have expressed the same ideas. So, if you would like to make 2013 YOUR year, here's a very useful way to start it: attend our online conference in February 15th and 16th. All our speakers are professional translators AND entrepreneurs. And they are willing to share their experience with you. We will talk about blogging, branding, marketing , different aspects of networking and about some very specific skills that translators

My resolutions for 2013: some things stay the same, but there will be a few changes in my business and in this blog!

I think it's the first time when I decided to write proper New Year resolutions. You see, I don't normally write any resolutions. Instead, every year I write my personal letter to the Lord with some very specific requests. And then, at the end of the year I open that letter and rejoice when I see some (actually, quite a few this time!) of my prayers answered. But this time I also felt it was time to voice some decisions I've made. So, here are my resolutions: 1. I want to become a member of a professional translator association . Haven't yet decided which one. Still investigating it. But I have come to the point when I realize that I need it for my business. I used to be very skeptical about this whole issue of membership, but last year my opinion started to change. I still have doubts, but I am willing to give it a try for 1 year and see whether it will have any impact on my business and on my growth as a translation professional.

The Benefits of Teaching Children a Second Language

Hi everybody! First of all, Happy New 2013 Year to you! I sincerely wish that this new year brings you more joy, more precious moments, more laughter, more loyal clients and more great opportunities than all the previous years. I am in the midst of great family celebrations now as we have bank holidays until January 9th. But I have also been doing a lot of thinking and planning for 2013. I can promise you more quality posts about translation, freelancing, different business and marketing issues, networking etc. I want my blog to be as helpful as possible for fellow freelancers. I am still planning to accept guest posts (see the guest posts policy ). And below is the first guest post in my blog this year about the benefits of teaching children a second language . Interested? Then read further ;) Language is a mysterious thing to many people; they don’t know exactly how they learned theirs, and they find other languages very confusing. Even if they try to learn a new language