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Saying "no" to a project and to a client - three reasons

After my first webinar recording, I started thinking more about freelancer-client relationship and those cases when we should say 'no'. And I came to the conclusion that sometimes we have to say 'no' temporarily, to a project, but sometimes we have to refuse to cooperate with a client forever. I came up with 3 main reasons for each of those cases. So, when do we have to say 'no' to a particular project?

More on Slavic folklore. Koschei the Immortal.

Have you been missing my stories about Slavic folklore characters? We have already talked about Baba Yaga, so now is the turn of another very important character, Koschei the Immortal (Koschei the Deathless), or Кащей (sometimes written as Кощей) Бессмертный.

That's what he looked like:

Work-life balance - 8 lessons I've learned

A few weeks ago my dear Twitter friend Magda Papas (@magdameta) wrote a brilliant post for the Freelance Writing Dreams blog. I loved it and thought that I have to mention it here. Really, being a freelancing parent is a lot harder than some people think. For example, my mother and some of my neighbours think that I can easily fit a whole lot of other things into my day. After all, I just stay at home, right? I remember one morning when I was planning my day and was frantically trying to figure out how to handle at least 6 or 7 things besides work with each of those things requiring quite a bit of time and effort. This is not the first time when that happened in my freelance life. So here are some of the lessons I learned so far.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all my dear readers!  Christ is risen!