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Educational terms: UK, USA and Russia.

Hi! I am back with some useful links for translators! This time our topic is education . As a certified teacher, I certainly love projects that deal with education. But as simple as this field might seem to some people, it is actually pretty tricky when it comes to education systems and terms used in different countries and even parts of some countries. I am going to share links about education in Great Britain, in the USA and in Russia.

Important news for beginning translators!

I've already shared this news on Facebook and Twitter, but I thought that I need to write about it here as well. A couple months ago I accepted a position of a Russian country leader in the Sharp End Training  Company. I love the vision of the company and I think it is a wonderful opportunity for me to do something really useful for my dear colleagues, freelance translators .

Translating about music? Here are some very helpful resources!

For about a year I worked with a Russian music website translating posts about modern music and how musicians market themselves. That included social media (how musicians use social media, tips for other artists, most popular platforms etc.), news in the music world, life of well-known singers/groups etc. Our cooperation recently ended, but I am very thankful that I had this opportunity. While doing all those translations, I made a note of several resources that can be used as a reference for other translators. Here they are:

Russian folklore characters - Baba Yaga

A couple days ago I went to a party in my daughter’s kindergarten dedicated to Women’s Day. And there, the kids even went into a deep forest to congratulate Baba Yaga. And they found out that she is not as evil as fairytales tell us. She may have a bad temper, but after all, she is a woman, too. ;) That gave me an idea to write a blog post about some feminine characters in Russian mythology. And guess who will be the first one I mention? Baba Yaga Here are some pictures of this well-known character: