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Top language and translation related tweets in February

February has been especially fruitful considering the number and the quality of translation and language related content published. That's why I decided to make a list of most popular and valuable tweets, so you could look through them. Who knows, maybe you will find something really useful here that you missed ;) So here's the list!

Presentation "Machine translation versus skilled human translation"

I prepared the presentation for some people who I occasionally meet online and offline, who think that translators work the same way as Google translate does. And then I thought it would be nice to upload it to so anybody could see it. I should say I am amazed with the results: over 160 views and 1 download just a few hours after the presentation was uploaded. Hope you find it useful :) Here it is: Machine translation versus skilled human translation from Olga Arakelyan

Oh this tricky thing called marketing... How absolutely NOT to do it on LinkedIn

I would like to share something from my own experience here. Some time ago a translation agency representative sent me a connection request on LinkedIn. I accepted it. The same day I got an email from another person working with that agency where more details about the company were given. Well, I read that message and forgot about it pretty soon... Until a few days later I got another message from the same agency about quality assurance in their company. In the message, they just wrote all about how great they are again. The problem was I couldn't understand two things:

How to benefit from your cooperation with a freelance translator: Clients' success guide

Thanks to Marta Chereshnovska and Marta Stelmaszak I learned about a new tool for presentations called . I decided to give it a try and created this presentation called How to benefit from your cooperation with a freelance translator: Clients' guide to success . Let me know what you think about it :) Oh, you need to click on the final words (they are red) to see them clearly, but do it after you have viewed all steps, ok?

Would you like to learn more about the speakers at the upcoming Sharp End Training conference for freelance translators? Then read further :)

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day to those who celebrate ! But I really couldn't be silent today for one more reason: The Take Control of YOUR Business Conference starts tomorrow! So I want to make sure that all my readers have grabbed their chance to register! If you are a member of our LinkedIn group you might have noticed that I have been doing something special this week. Each day I introduced one speaker. I'd like to do the same here, in my blog now. 1. Ewa Erdmann . Ewa Erdmann is a freelance translator and interpreter (English-Polish) running her own business – Transliteria . Ewa has linguistic and legal academic background, which enables her to specialize as a legal translator. Ewa works closely with a marketing company and runs her own group of Polish business owners. She actually wrote a guest blog post for our blog which you can find if you follow the link: Ewa is going to speak

What is translation? - Famous quotes give us the answer

What is translation? What do translators do? Those are two of the most frequent keywords people use to find my blog in search engines. So I thought it would be only natural to prepare a separate post on the topic. But instead of reading you a lecture about the importance of translation, I decided to let famous quotes about translation speak for themselves. So here are your answers. :)