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8 typical mistakes startup EN<>RU translators make

A few days ago I finished teaching the translation block at our Basic Course for startup translators. It was an unexpected turn as somebody else was supposed to do it. But the situation changed a few days before the New Year, so I had to stand in the gap. While teaching this group and while watching other groups for the past 4 years, I noticed eight common mistakes startup EN<>RU translators make in their translation work: 1. Word for word translation and various calques 2. Punctuation and syntax mistakes 3. Wrong sentence structure (Theme–Rheme relationship) 4. Making unnecessary transformations and forgetting about them when they are necessary 5. Adding things that are absent in the original 6. Skipping parts of original text while translating 7. Not studying the topic of their translation 8. Forgetting to check their work before sending it I strongly suspect that the above-mentioned mistakes aren't exclusively made by beginning translators in the EN<&g