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Top #language and #xl8 related tweets in May 2013

It's time for another post in the series. As usual, I found tweets with most retweets and mentions with the help of the website called So check out these messages! I am sure you'll find something worth reading and sharing :) Language tweets: sarahditum Sarah Ditum Do you like talking? Imagine your language being disappeared – it's happening to sign language at Bristol Uni:

Why I Chose to Work as a Freelance Translator

Just like most full-time translators working for well-known firms worldwide, I did not start my language professional career in the field of translation or interpreting . As soon as I graduated from university, I started teaching English at a secondary school. It was both challenging and fun, as working with a wide variety of students of all ages and backgrounds provided me with good knowledge of the human brain and heart.

Our trip to Suzdal, one of the oldest Russian cities and the greatest tourist magnets

Suzdal is a very special town. It is very small, only about 11,000 people live there. There are no factories, no big buildings. Nowhere else you will see so many horses. Nowhere else you will see so many churches in one place. It has a very special atmosphere which is hard to explain, yet you will definitely feel it if you visit Suzdal. That's why I was so happy when I learned that Delia's class was going there! I couldn't miss another chance to see the town, so I went there to help the teacher. And I made some cool pictures to share them with you. If you've been reading my blog long enough, you certainly remember this post about Vladimir and its World Heritage sites . Well, Suzdal's white stone churches and monasteries are also included in the same UNESCO list . And of course, Suzdal also belongs to the Golden Ring of Russian cities . This is a panoramic view of the town. As you see, there are no multi-storeyed buildings, because people want to preserve

Customs and international trade terminology for translators and language learners

Not long ago I finished a translation project related to international trade. At times I had real fun while translating. Why? Because customs seems to be that kind of service where everything, including translations, needs to be brought to some kind of a uniform standard. In reality, it's not always so (especially in the Russian-English non-native translations I came across). But I thought I'd put my discoveries here for future reference. As for those terms that have more than one variant of translation, you can always ask your client which option they prefer. Even if you are not a translator, these links may be very useful if you are learning English or Russian, especially for business. So check them out!

Some very useful information for freelance translators who want to enhance their marketing, networking and blogging skills

May is really a very special month in Sharp End Training. We are about to reach 1,000 members in our LinkedIn group called Marketing for Freelance Translators! So we thought and thought how to thank you for being with us and found two ways we can do that. First of all, we are declaring May the social media marketing month . That means that every Tuesday at 5 pm British Summer Time starting May 14th we are going to have LIVE webinars on social media marketing for translators . Here's a brief program: May 14th - Jonathan Senior teaching about strategic use of Twitter . I've been through this training and I assure you it is extremely useful, especially if you feel you are drowning in the sea of information there and you are starting to forget your goals and your vision as a marketer of your own freelance business. The webinar is already announced. It costs 25 USD. You can register here:

Top #language and #xl8 related tweets in April 2013

Thanks to my friend Magda for this badge! This is the third post in the series. As usual, I found tweets with most retweets and mentions with the help of the website called April was especially fruitful on language tweets, but translation messages were no less interesting and useful. So check them out! I am sure you'll find something worth reading and sharing :) Language tweets first: slate Slate Moist. Slacks. Crevice? Why do certain words sound so awful? #language #WordAversion