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What makes a good translator? - Part 1. Motivation

You may have already noticed that I am this kind of person who likes to meditate (in the Christian sense of this word) on different issues. So I've been thinking about this concept called "a good freelance translator". From a client's point of view . I intentionally avoid the term "successful translator" because I think it describes the translators' point of view. I've noticed that my clients don't quite care about how successful I am . All they care about is how good I am . So I decided to try thinking like a client and figure out what makes a good freelance translator. And the first thing I thought about was motivation . When your clients see that you put your whole heart into their project they will trust you more. If you are interested in the project your motivation will help you achieve the best possible results! A little tip for clients: Your appreciation, respect and friendly attitude can work miracles. I've had a few cases when m

Christian English Day Camp 2011

I am so glad it's Friday and I can have some quiet time to reflect on the past week. It was a fun week - there was a Christian English day camp in our church. The younger kids came in the mornings and the older ones came in the afternoons. My daughter Delia was one of the campers in the morning shift and I was glad to serve as a helper. I love helping other people :) First let me share some pics. You will see one and the same little girl in the pictures. That's my daughter ;) Playing a game to help the kids get acquainted with the American team The youngest group (4-6 year olds) with their favourite American young lady. Playing soccer More soccer :) Watching a cartoon First of all, I'd like to share the benefits of the camp : 1) The kids heard God's word; 2) They heard native English speakers and tried to understand them or at least get used to the rhythm of their speech and the pronunciation. On Wednesday my daughter shared one thing with me. Sh

My deep thanks to everybody who voted for me!

On June 1st I got some very good news that I'd love to share with you! My Twitter account made it to the list of Top 25 Language Twitterers and Top 100 Language Lovers ! That wouldn't be possible without your support! I feel truly honored and blessed! Wishing you a restful weekend and a wonderful week after that :)

International Children's Day

Hi everybody! Today is a very special day here because it's International Children's Day. Wikipedia says that June 1st is mainly celebrated as Chidren's Day in the former communist countries, whereas other countries prefer other days. What do we do on this day? The answer is simple - we honor children. There are all kinds of open-air celebrations everywhere with concerts, competitions and fairs with children's art for sale. So I'm going to give you a glimpse into one of them. We went to a city park today and saw a concert with children's songs and dances.   Oftentimes, children in the audience were invited to sing or dance, too. My daughter didn't need the invitation. She danced for 1.5 hours nonstop ;-) After my daughter got tired of jumping and dancing around, we bought some ice-cream and took a walk in the park along the tables with the children's art. Here's the picture that she liked best. Of course, she talked her mom into buying it