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How I became a freelancer and where it has led me...

It's all here, in my new interview to I am grateful for a chance to share my experience and some tips with the subscribers of this wonderful website. The interview was an interesting process. I've been kind of silent here, because now being only a part-time freelancer, I can't decide what to write about. There are a couple posts in my drafts, but I've been hesitating about publishing them. So big thanks to Doreen for showing me that my experience can still be valuable for others. Dear Doreen, I promise, I will keep this blog living and active! So, things you will learn from this interview include: 1. How I became a freelancer (though you might already know that part ;-)) 2. Why freelancing is a part-time business for me now and how that transition actually happened. 3. What do I do to find new clients and keep them :-) 4. Some marketing and success tips from me. And of course, I will be happy to read your stories! Here's what you ca