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4 cool things that happened in my life in May

Hi everybody! I am so happy to see you again! Today is my happiest day in a loooooong time - the end of Delia's school year! Yay! Parents love summer vacations just as much as kids do :) A few good things happened since we talked last: 1. I had a webinar on ProZ about Google Plus and what it offers to us, translators. In spite of some unexpected sound problems everything went excellent! 2. A few days before the webinar I was interviewed by Maria Kopnitsky about my experience as a translator, trainer and social media enthusiast. Here is the link . Hope you like the post.

Top language, translation, marketing and networking tweets: April 2014

Image credit Hi everybody! How've you been? It's high time I shared some interesting, useful and fun tweets with you about translation , languages , marketing and networking . All these tweets were published in April and according to they got the most shares, retweets and replies. I had a great time while looking through those links, reading the articles that I missed because it's simply impossible to see everything on Twitter! I hope these links will be as useful for you as they were for me. As usual, you can see the names and Twitter usernames of all people who shared them, as well as hashtags they used. So you can follow these great twitterers and/or type the same hashtag in Twitter and look for more cool tweets on the same topics!

Meet the linguist: Sarai Pahla (@SaraiPahla)

Hi everybody! Happy Friday!  It's a great honor for me to continue with the #followfriday tradition by recommending another great colleague and also a friend, Sarai Pahla . Sarai writes a brilliant blog . Besides, she once took part in my series about translation specialisation. Here you can learn more about how Sarai chose her specialty field. As usual, I asked Sarai some questions and here are her replies. Enjoy :)