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4 cool things that happened in my life in May

Hi everybody! I am so happy to see you again! Today is my happiest day in a loooooong time - the end of Delia's school year! Yay! Parents love summer vacations just as much as kids do :)

A few good things happened since we talked last:
1. I had a webinar on ProZ about Google Plus and what it offers to us, translators. In spite of some unexpected sound problems everything went excellent!
2. A few days before the webinar I was interviewed by Maria Kopnitsky about my experience as a translator, trainer and social media enthusiast. Here is the link. Hope you like the post.

3. Also, a few days ago another interview with me about Google Plus was published by Tess Whitty, a lady and a colleague who I absolutely admire. Tess is amazing, and her podcast is full of very useful information for all freelance translators. The interview actually took place in winter, during the Olympics, so I am both happy and a bit embarrassed. The thing is that now I know so much more about Google Plus that I'd like to cross out some things I said then, specifically when I said that you can only invite people from your circles to webinars you held using Google Hangouts. I was wrong! But I didn't know it back in February. Just a couple days ago there was a great post published about Google Hangouts and specifically about using Google Hangouts for webinars. So check it out, it's totally worth it!
4. Another great thing was that both my blog and my Twitter account were nominated for Top 100 Language Lovers 2014 competition! So if you like my blog and like what I share on Twitter, please support me, and I will be forever grateful! :) This is the link for voting for your favorite language professional blogs, and my blog Your Professional Translator is almost at the very end of the list. And this is the link for voting for your favorite Twitterers! You will find a lot of great names there, and my name (Olga Arakelyan, in case you forgot :)) is there, too. Thank you in advance!

I also noticed that I got kind of behind my Meet the Linguist series, but I am going to get back to it as soon as I can. There is actually one more good thing that happened to me in May which made me slow down in my business a little. This thing is more wonderful than all the other great things I shared already, but I am not ready to share it with the world yet. I will, so stay tuned ;-)

Dear readers, my best wishes to you for this summer! In many ways, summer is even more challenging for us, freelancers, but I am sure we will do just fine. Have a great time and talk soon!

Olga Arakelyan
Your Professional Translator

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