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Top language, translation, marketing and networking tweets: April 2014

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Hi everybody! How've you been? It's high time I shared some interesting, useful and fun tweets with you about translation, languages, marketing and networking. All these tweets were published in April and according to they got the most shares, retweets and replies. I had a great time while looking through those links, reading the articles that I missed because it's simply impossible to see everything on Twitter! I hope these links will be as useful for you as they were for me. As usual, you can see the names and Twitter usernames of all people who shared them, as well as hashtags they used. So you can follow these great twitterers and/or type the same hashtag in Twitter and look for more cool tweets on the same topics!

Language tweets:

Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano
These 9 Words Don't Mean What You Think They Mean. #language /via @matthiasrascher 

Medical Xpress @medical_xpress
Touch influences how infants learn #language @LifeAtPurdue 

Oxford Dictionaries @oxfordwords
Can a word really be untranslatable? #translation #language 

hyperlingo @hyperlingo
Learning A #Language Is For Life, Not Just For Business 

Max Planck Society @maxplanckpress
RT@nytimes The #language is, like, totally not degrading 

Rosetta Stone @rosettastone
What is a foreign #language worth? About $67,000 by the time you retire! via @TheEconomist 

hyperlingo @hyperlingo
Moral Judgment Influenced by What #Language You Speak 

Rosetta Stone @rosettastone
Will #French be the world’s most-spoken #language by 2050? 

Matador @matadornetwork
Traveling to #Italy soon? 10 extraordinarily useful Italian phrases: #language #travelstoke 

Language Svc Corps @nlsc
When Not to Speak Your Second Language to Your Children… #language 

GuardianTeach @guardianteach
"Learning a #language in primary is great, but teachers need proper training first" via @guardian #mfl 

Maital Rozenboim @memer
Multilingual people have multiple personalities, according to Noam Scheiber #language Interesting article: 

Max Planck Society @maxplanckpress
The best way to learn a foreign #language? Don't focus on the language! via @forbes h/t @DAADnewyork

Translation tweets:

Catherine Christaki @linguagreca
Cheat sheet: Twitter hashtags for translators by @LingoIO #xl8 

Jayne Fox @jaynefox
"A good film poorly translated becomes a mediocre film. Don’t allow our films to be translated on the cheap."… #xl8 

Emma Goldsmith @goldsmithtrans
Just discovered a new #xl8 blog: Tina and Mouse. A Minimalist Comic on Translation. Great fun! 

Judy Jenner @language_news
#xl8 business insight of the day: Don't just tell clients: "No, I'm not available." Offer solutions. Refer a colleague. Go the extra mile. 

Emma Goldsmith @goldsmithtrans
A look at the New Features in #Studio2014 SP1: the good and the bad #xl8 

Catherine Christaki @linguagreca
12 time (and therefore money)-saving tips for home-based freelance translators by @Claire_Cox16 #xl8 

SDL Trados @sdltrados
MyMemory for Studio 2014 is now on the OpenExchange! Access the world’s largest translation memory for free! #xl8 

Catherine Christaki @linguagreca
Freebies for Freelance Translation Professionals by @NYAcomm >Great e-books #xl8 

Alessandra Vita @avinterpreter
What are the main differences between translators and interpreters? via @Scheherezade_SL #xl8 #1nt 

Jayne Fox @jaynefox
Here's my new blog post on CPD – all about webinars for translators.… #xl8 #xl8cpd 

John Evans @evansjohn75
A day in the life of an English translator at the European Commission's Directorate-General for Translation #xl8 

Nikki Graham @nikki_graham
Useful Links… over 80 links which might be especially interesting to ES-EN translators & vice versa #xl8 #t9n 

Oxford Dictionaries @oxfordwords
Can a word really be untranslatable? #translation #language 

Localization News @l10ntweets
Does U.S. Spanish Exist? #translation 

Susan Buchanan @susan_buchanan
How hard is it to translate a piece of work? My article on Janet Emson's blog #translation #authors 

Rina Ne'eman @rinaneeman
Fun for translators - Why Germans Don't Play Scrabble. This one is for @Jeromobot. #translation #xl8

Marketing and networking tweets:

Guy Kawasaki @guykawasaki
Online #marketing tips that won't break the bank #marketingtips 

Jeff Bullas @jeffbullas
7 Ways To Get More Engagement Out of Your Photos on Facebook #socialmedia #smm #marketing 

Jeff Bullas @jeffbullas
6 Ways to Expand Your Social Media Reach #socialmedia #marketing 

Jeff Bullas @jeffbullas
10 Top Google Plus Tools for Digital Marketers #googleplus #marketing #socialmedia 

Jeff Bullas @jeffbullas
15 Steps for Creating a Successful #SocialMedia Giveaway Contest #Marketing #SMM 

Marsha Collier @marshacollier
The ideal length of a #Facebook post is less than 40 characters #marketing 

Reg Saddler @zaibatsu
6 Online #Marketing Metrics You Need to Know 

Bored Panda @boredpanda
30 Of The Most Creative Business Cards Ever (48 pics):… #networking #business #design 

Harvey Mackay @harveymackay
You don't have to know everything as long as you know the people who do. #business #networking 

Max Martinez @maxmartinez
#Networking isn't about the amount of ppl you know, but instead how well you know them. You don't build a #startup out of business cards

Inc. @inc
Is in-person #networking becoming a lost art? @weisul

As for the highlights of this month, don't forget to check out the #bp14conf hashtag for lots of cool tweets from the Freelance Translators Conference in Budapest that took place just a few days ago! I loved the translators' Oscars selfie :-) More about the conference and its tweets in my next Top Tweets post!

Olga Arakelyan
Your Professional Translator

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