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Meet the linguist: Konstantina Drakou (@wordyrama)

Happy Friday everybody! Yes, it's that special day of the week when I recommend a new colleague! And today I'd like to recommend Konstantina Drakou ! She is one of those people whose dedication, hard work and vibrant personality make a lasting impression on everybody, including her colleagues and clients. Konstantina is in charge of Wordyrama Translations . You may follow her on Twitter or find her on Facebook . In summer, Konstantina also took part in my blog series about specialisation. You can read her post here .  Here are Konstantina's replies to my questions:

Winter Olympics: glossaries and useful links (part 2)

Dear readers, Thank you for the wonderful feedback about my first post about Winter Olympics glossaries ! I am so happy you found it useful! However, in that article I covered only ice sports, so today we are going to speak about skiing, snowboarding, and nordic events. First of all, I'd like to remind you about Sochi 2014 general glossary (English-Russian) . You can find a lot of useful terms there. And if you need more extensive glossaries about specific sports, here are the best resources I could find for you.

Meet the linguist: Suyash Suprabh (@HindiTrans)

Happy Friday! Today I am glad to recommend Suyash Suprabh , one of the best Hindi translators I know. I met Suyash back in 2010 when I was just starting blogging and networking in social media. You can connect with Suyash on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter . I have asked Suyash to share a bit about himself, and here are his replies.

Winter Olympics: glossaries and useful links

Olympics is always a great time for me. I don't care about political issues, or doping scandals, or anything else. I just love watching great athletes compete. Many of them have to go through so different serious obstacles to even take part in the Games! Being a linguist, I can't help googling some terms I hear on TV just to make sure I get them right etc. So this week I decided to make up a list of useful links to resources and glossaries about winter Olympic sports . All winter Olympic sports can be divided into three groups:  1. Ice sports 2. Alpine, skiing and snowboarding 3. Nordic events Ice sports include ice hockey, figure skating, bobsled, skeleton, short track speed skating, curling, and luge. The second category includes alpine skiing, freestyle skiing and snowboarding. Nordic events include biathlon, cross-country skiing, ski jumping and Nordic combined (ski jumping and cross-country skiing) Today I am going to share useful glossaries and articles o

Top language, translation, marketing and freelancing tweets in January 2014

Hello everybody! Hope you are having a great week. Mine is starting kind of tough, but I am looking forward to seeing what comes out of it. As usual, I’ve been preparing a new list of top tweeted content for the past month and I found a lot of interesting posts I missed! So this list is a huge help for me to stay on top of all the news concerning languages and translation. And as far as I know, it is helping at least some of you, too! In my previous post about best language and translation tweets I promised to add two new topics, so that’s what I am doing! From now on, I will look for top tweets about language , translation , marketing and freelancing . So, if your January was pretty busy and you haven’t been around Twitter a lot, or if you simply don’t use Twitter, but like learning new things, I recommend you to check out this list of top tweets in different topics. There’s a chance that you will find something interesting and helpful there.

Meet the linguist: Olga Dyussengalieva (@OlgaDyusen)

Happy Saturday, dear readers! It's not Friday, so it's going to be a #follorsaturday recommendation of a fellow linguist. And what a great linguist! Her name is Olga Dyussengaliyeva , she lives in Kazakhstan and is an author of a wonderful blog "More than words" at Olga recently invited me to take part in her new project which is a series of podcasts about different aspects of freelancing. We talked about pros and cons of being a freelancer. If you know Russian  you can listen to the podcast on the side panel of her blog. Olga is also a real professional in using Wordfast, so she decided to help the colleagues who are just strting to use this TM-tool. You can download WFA Essentials right from her blog . Olga recently participated in my other series about staying healthy and fit. You can read her post here . I also asked Olga to answer my questions. Here is the interview.

How to translate your website from or into Russian?

Back in November a colleague sent me a link to an article called "How to translate a Russian website to English?" The article was published on the website . The author of the article presumably is a specialist who oversees the Russian translations in that agency. I clicked the link again while preparing this post and realized that it's no longer working. So I am feeling relieved. Why? Because, as a professional translator, I couldn't agree with a big part of it. In fact, I was quite shocked by some of the things written there. And I immediately posted my reply to it in my Russian blog for any clients who are looking for a way to translate their websites from Russian to another language. I didn't have time to argue with the agency, so I tried to minimize the harm by talking directly to potential translation buyers. I meant to translate and post my reply here as well, but since I was pretty busy I am doing it only now. Part of