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One cool Twitter app that helps me tweet smarter

First of all, I need to say that this is by no means a paid post. I am sharing it because I believe it could be useful to other Twitter users, too. Several weeks ago I read a guest post by Leo Widrich in  Daniel Sharkov's blog called " Top 7 Twitter Tools To Cover All Your Tweeting Needs ". I knew I needed to find a way to stay active on Twitter and yet gain some extra time to balance my work and time for myself and my family. Needless to say, that post came right on time!

Proofreading, editing, copy editing and post-editing

I had a very interesting experience recently. An agency that I really like (I've been working with them for a long time) asked me to proofread several files which had already been translated by somebody else. I had some free time so I agreed. At first everything went well. I did just what I was supposed to: Proofreading   is  the final stage of the editing process, focusing on surface errors such as m is spellings and m is takes in grammar and punctuation. You should proofread only after you have fin is hed all of your other editing rev is ions. (the definition is taken from here ) Then I found myself in an interesting situation. I noticed that the text suddenly became very weird. The Russian version of the file stopped making sense. Suddenly it dawned on me that part of the text was done by MT! So I suddenly found myself doing post-editing work as well. Postediting  (also written post-editing) “is the process of improving a machine-generated translation with a minimum of man

5 signs of a professional translator - my first guest post is finally here ;)

It has already been a month since the time when Christian Arno from Lingo24 contacted me on Twitter and asked if I would be willing to write a guest post for their blog. Of course I said yes! I had never done that before, so it was a completely new and exciting experience which also involved a new degree of responsibility. I am generally a responsible person, and I normally spend quite a bit of time on my blog posts, making sure there are no mistakes and my thoughts are worded clearly (more or less :)). But writing for somebody else's blog is a totally different thing. There were many reasons for my worries, and one of the most importantof them was the fact that English is not my native toungue. Thankfully, Christian Arno and Nick Jarvis were merciful to me and my English, and after a bit of editing (even less than I expected!) they published my post. Thank you once again guys! You rock! So here it is. Forgive me for posting it so late! You can find the original here . 5 signs

The Versatile Blogger award

My twitter friends and experienced translators, Liudmila Davydova @ldavydova , Ewa Erdmann @Transliteria , and Aga Gordon @acgtranslation , nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award. This award is given from bloggers to... bloggers. The nominees have to be recently discovered or new bloggers. It's such a great honour for me that these wonderful ladies and absolutely amazing professionals have chosen me among the other nominees! Liudmila is a great translator. She has a wonderful blog which you can find here . Her posts are very useful for both translators and their clients. I learn a lot from her blog. The same can be said about Aga's blog " acgtranslation " and Ewa's blog " Transliteria Polish translations ". Aga and Ewa are both wonderful professionals. But what's more, they are very kind people who made me feel welcome on Twitter :) So it's a great honor and a joy to be nominated by Liudmila, Ewa and Aga. The rules of the award