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Some time ago I noticed some of my colleagues on Twitter and Facebook publishing interesting links via I remember clicking on the link for the first time and seeing something like an online jornal with lots of other links and pretty pictures all in one page. I liked what I saw, but didn't register there. It was a bit later when one of my friends asked if I was using and was very surprised that I wasn't because it's almost a must for a freelance professional. That's when I got "hooked". I registered there in the last days of January and at the same time investigated what the others are saying about it.

Here's what I found out. First of all, it's a content curation tool. What is content curation? It's a method of gathering and presenting relevant and interesting information on a topic aimed at a specific group of people. That means you can search for useful information to share with your colleagues, or choose content that will be aimed specifically at your prospective employers. Freelance professionals normally use social media 1) for networking and sharing experience with their colleagues, 2) to gain credibility as professionals in their industry and thus get more clients. can help you in both cases. The platform searches the web based on your criterea/keywords and you can "scoop" the best content to your topic. You can also share it in social networks, including Twitter, Facebook profile or Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and other social media. will search the relevant content in Google news, blogs, Twitter messages and other sources and provide you with the valuable info that would take you ages to find by yourself. So it's a very useful tool that can be used with any social media. Besides, it organizes your scooped content into a pretty online magazine. The free version lets you curate content and follow the content of other users. By the way, automatically searches for the users you know from your social networks and you can follow their scoops very easily (that is, if they use The paid version of also provides you with more advanced statistics and recommendations about getting more influence. Right now you can upgrade for free for 1 month and then, if you like it, you will need to pay. But for those who don't want to pay there's a free version that you can use forever. :)
Olsen Jay Nelson writes about has a huge potential due to the strength of its curation techniques, and you’ll likely feel an immediate sense of relief that you’re heading towards the vanguard in your field at light speed, constantly being exposed to ideas that are cutting edge, fascinating, and important to the future etc, etc.
Sounds interesting? Then you might enjoy these two articles I found:
1) What is and how can it benefit your online presence and platform development? by Olsen Jay Nelson;
2) The best content curations tools online

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Do you use any content curation tools? Let me know which ones you prefer and why! And if you use, what other benefits or drawbacks do you see? Let's share our experience!


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