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Things that make me happy

Remember my last post about relaxing? Well, my body got so angry with me working too much that it decided to teach me a lesson. I fell sick with some nasty virus... twice. 3 weeks of virtually zero-level productivity. Terrible. If you don't want to end up in the same situation, please take some rest when you are busy!
But my sickness also made me remember something very important. Little things that I really love. As I was reflecting on those things I was amazed at how easy it is actually to be a happy person. And then I thought that I would love to share them with you. Maybe they will make you happy, too...

1) I love it when I don't have to set an alarm clock to wake up early in the morning;
2) I love going outside in the middle of a busy day and buying something. It doesn't really matter whether it's some candy or a new nail polish, anything can work :)
3) I love tea: my Twitter friends have already noticed me talking about strong black one, but I also love herbal tea, that's the one I'm having right now =)

4) I love watching my daughter play and talking with her. She's the most sincere and wise person I know. And she also has a wonderful sense of humor.
5) We have a small budgie at home, and I love watching him play. We call him a gangster because that's who he really is :)
6) I often have my tea in the kitchen, and that's when I love watching the violets on our window sill. Aren't they beautiful?

7) I also love looking out of the window and watching the nature and people... even if its winter in the middle of April... again... :)

8) I love going for walks with my fam;
9) I love it when my ESL students get the best marks at school and then call me to share the news;
10) I love it when my clients say they liked my work. I feel so happy then! =)

What little things make you happy?


  1. As I was about to publish this post, I kept thinking that I forgot something. And I did forget to include blogging and soap making! =)

  2. Ahhhhh, you have just made me stop for a while and think about nice things :-)
    It looks like I enjoy some of the things you do, for example:
    1.No alarm clock! I mean, I do set it up, I don't want to wake up at midday every day but still I know I don't HAVE to get up and run to work at the other end of the town :)
    2. Birdwatching - you have a budgie, I have a pidgeon (!), yep, the very same one visits me several times a day and demands food ;-) (I know it's the same one because it's white and grey)
    3. I also like to look out of the window (if I turn my head to the right I can see the sea :)
    4. I LOVE when my clients appreciate my work.
    5. Shopping in the middle of the day, I'm particularly prone to buy stuff when I come back from an interpreting assignment, last time I got out of a shop with a nice pair of ballerina shoes :-)

    Other stuff:

    6. My everyday dose of coffee and chocolate right after breakfast.
    7. Learning something every day.
    8. Unexpected positive things happening very often.
    9. Chatting with my Twitter friends (my new hobby)
    I could go on forever... I always try to appreciate even the smallest things that brighten up my days.

    Thanks for sharing Olenka!

  3. Thanks a million for such a wonderful comment, Ewa! Wow, I am amazed at how that one pidgeon chose you to be its friend and keeps coming back! It really likes you!
    Oh yeah, chatting with Twitter friends - that's my newest hobby, too! =)

  4. Ol'chik, it would be wonderful if we could come up with a list like this every day. It would help us to have a thankful attitude through the day no matter what. Thank you for sharing this. I am adding to my list right now: thankful for Olya Arakelyan!
    Olya E

  5. Aw, Olen'ka, thank you! I am deeply touched!

  6. Случайно наткнулся на Ваш блог.
    Я тут в 141-й раз вернулся к изучению английского языка и с радостью для себя понял, что почти всё понимаю.
    Буду использовать в качестве учебного пособия :))

  7. Я буду только рада! А Вы молодец, что не сдаетесь! Значит, английский точно выучите :))


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