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How do you stay healthy and fit? Interview with Sara Colombo

'TFD (The First Drop) logo on fitness bag' photo (c) 2009, Pete Bellis - license: everybody! I know you've been looking forward to another post in the new series. I asked Sara Colombo to share her experience and was very happy when she agreed! So here's what Sara has to say about staying healthy and fit as a freelancer:

Hi Olga, hi everybody! Being here is a great pleasure and a huge honour! Talking about fitness now that I am no longer a fit teenager is such a great deal! Yes! J
Regarding how I stay healthy and fit, I have to say that my fitness background and experience really help me, especially now that being a freelancer is challenging and my days are pretty hectic. But I am sure you can totally relate to that, right?!
So despite being a translator, I train regularly (about 5 times a week), take every chance I have to walk my dog out and play with him (aka: jump and run), meditate, drink a lot of water, try to eat clean and have fun. But I don’t stress myself if I miss a workout, I don’t starve and I don’t cry over models.

Secret formula? Hmm, don’t think there is one. But would say love your body and be ready to sweat. Because miracle diets and whoa training don’t exist, and people can be really mean when it comes to analyse your aspect.
I love my body. I have learnt to accept it for what it is. I know it’s hard, but the moment you stop listening to critics and just accept yourself, for who you are, things improve and you see also the positive aspects. If you accept your body you also learn how to improve it, where do its strengths lay, what it needs. OK I am not tall and will never be a model, but I have never wanted to be one. I have a great natural flexibility, I am strong and my muscles respond well to lifting and stretching. I love to dance and go to fitnessclasses, but I don’t do that only for the final results, I do that because it’s fun. Catwalks are boring, a dance floor is way too engaging.

Plus, there is something amazing behind training that has positive effects on my mind and behaviour as well. I am still in touch with trainers and gym friends I met about 10-15 years ago, because the vibe and fun we had at that time set the ground for long lasting relationships. Going to the gym or attending a yoga class are great ways to team up, socialize, meet people and break the solitary circle of silences that surround a translator.

Regarding the food part, I have always been a very healthy child with a soft spot for food. J I love cheese, carbs, vegetables and fruit, chocolate and drinking with friends.
At the moment, I am not on a strict and I have asked my trainer to help me with a balanced diet: the result is just amazing because I eat more than my boyfriend, really! Fruit, cereals, pasta, fish, salads, even chocolate! However, every once in a while I do a 7-day detox to cleanse my stomach and rebalance fluids. I also drink a lot of water, which reduces body liquids and prevent overeating.
I know I should tone my legs more and eat less carbs, but, honestly, food can be really fun and satisfying and I’d rather weight a couple of kilos more than live an obsessed and sad life.
As I said above, it takes time to love your body, and my message is be healthy, but respect it and learn to love yourself because if you do, you can do anything you want and reach amazing goals in life.

As for the training, it’s just a matter of variation and organization. Varying workout is great to exercise every tiny part of your body, while being organized is essential to fit your daily workout in your busy schedule.
I wake up early, but train also during the weekend and even when I travel. As you know I also run a blog, which comprehends a series of tips on how to train while on the go, at home or even in the middle of a very busy week. Those tips (#balancetip) were created to share my experience and ideas with other readers while discovering their stories. So it’s all in there: regular training, yoga, pro consultancies, determination and, above all, flexibility and love.

A healthy body is flexible, strong and perfect because it works and spreads positive energy. This is why I advocate the #healthyfreelancer cause, because I believe that a healthy life starts in your mind, with respect and positivity, goes through the kitchen (where fun, health and understanding meet) and ends at your local gym or on the yoga mat, where you have the chance to distress, recharge, go wild (of course!) and feel like you can do whatever you want.

Sara Colombo is a qualified En/Fr/It freelance translator and interpreter specialised in creative translation, marketing, business and localisation.
A blogger, social media and marketing speaker she published her first book Balance Your Words in 2013. The book tracks her first steps in the translation industry and faces topics like how to set a business and reach a productive and healthy work-life balance. Yoga and fitness and how these helped her career are also explored.
Sara loves her business, has a taste for fitness and yoga, is a pet mama and collects tattoos. To know more about her, get in touch through her website , Twitter (@sc_translations), Facebook (Sara Colombo Translations) and LinkedIn (SaraColombo).


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