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So you are a busy freelancer. How to keep your blog alive?

I decided to write this post thanks to my dear Twitter friend and colleague Sarai Pahla who mentioned once on Twitter that she honestly wonders how I find time for blogging regularly. Well, I am about to share my secret with you now. I am also going to share a couple tricks that help other blogging translators. Interested? Then read further.

Here's what I do:
1. Long ago, I made it my commitment to post a new article approximately once a week. It all started with that commitment. For me, blogging is a part of my business. It's not a hobby that I do at my free time, but it's a part of my work. I love it, so it's not a burden.
2. I plan my schedule accordingly. Normally, it takes me several days to finish a post because I work on it bit by bit every day or almost every day.

I realize very well that sometimes it's hard to update your blog on a regular basis. We all have our busy times, and sometimes other circumstances may prevent us from publishing new content. Let's see some examples of tricks we can use:
  • Catherine Christaki publishes her own weekly collections of posts written by other bloggers.
  • Megan Onions publishes very simple (3 questions), yet very interesting interviews with other translators. By the way, that also helped her blog to gain popularity.
  • Some bloggers who have been around for a long time revisit their older posts and publish them again with some slight variations.
  • Guest posts are also helpful. There have been a few times when I asked my colleagues to write a post for my blog because I was sick or very busy. I will never regret that decision. It really was a win-win solution because it provided new content for my blog and helped my colleagues to gain more visibility online.
The point is, when blogging becomes your priority, you have to find a way to do it regularly. That's what helps you to get creative :)

Would you like to share some tips and tricks you use to update your blog on a regular basis? I'd love to hear from you!

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