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Top #language and #xl8 tweets in December 2013

'Winter' photo (c) 2007, Martin Abegglen - license: there! How’ve you been? Hope you had great holidays! I sure did :) Because of all these holidays December was a busy month, so when I sat down to prepare a list of the best language and translation tweets I made quite a few discoveries! So here they are.

Language tweets:

Alec Couros @courosa
"The Best Shots Fired in the Oxford Comma Wars"… #engchat #language #grammar @dictionarycom
Have you noticed these subtle changes to the English language? See them here: #language #English

hyperlingo @hyperlingo
RT @uniquelanguages: In the beginning, grammar struggled to get accepted. #language #learnenglish

Matthias Rascher @matthiasrascher
12 Old Words that Survived by Getting Fossilized in Idioms. #language #linguistics

Erik Hansson @erik_hansson
Grammatical structures as a window into the past #language #grammar #history

Pola (JettingAround) @jettingaround
Don't put off learning a foreign #language. You never know what city you'll fall in love with. My #French story #ttot

24translate Inc @24translateinc
Translator has rediscovered the Cherokee symbols for numbers that have been missing for 191 years #language

Experis @experis_gcs_va
Ten Irish expressions you’ll have no clue what they mean #English #language

JohnPaul Montano @jpmontano
RT @EmilyRiddle: Hobbema will officially change its name to Maskwacis in the new year… #nehiyaw #indigenous #language

Translation tweets:

Oliver Lawrence @oliverlawrence1
One for Italianists: free online dictionary of idiomatic expressions and their origins:… | #xl8 #t9n

Jayne Fox @jaynefox
Translators talk about balancing work, family and the rest of life: via @corinnemckay #xl8

Jayne Fox @jaynefox
Prices for translation services have risen moderately over the past 3 years, and are forecast to continue rising #xl8

Kevin Hendzel @kevin_hendzel
"I Speak Science" - Why Subject-Matter Expertise Is Not Just "Important" to Translation, it IS translation. #xl8

Nikki Graham @nikki_graham
Translation Trends 2014 survey insights #xl8

Sofia Polykreti @earthlang
Should I only translate into my native language? via @RueckertKaren #xl8

MultiLingual Mag @multilingualmag
MOOCs for Translators and Interpreters - @language_news #1nt #xl8

Marta Stelmaszak @mstelmaszak
How To Raise Rates To Your Clients So That They Will Not Even Notice It by @VitekSteve #xl8 #t9n

Nikki Graham @nikki_graham
Words on the Page: Writers Worth: A Dirty Little Secret About Pricing...… #xl8 #t9n

Hope that will help you catch up on your reading :)

And another piece of news: as you already know I made the decision to continue the series in 2014, but I do think there's a need for a change here. So I am adding two new topics. Besides translation and language, I will also include freelancing and marketing tweets.

Have a great weekend!


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