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Dear readers,
I know how much you like my blog and are looking forward to new posts every week. This announcement is specially for you. Some of you have noticed that I've been doing some changes here lately in order to make all posts easier to find. I am also going to rewrite most of the pages. Some older posts which are of zero (or close to zero) value are going to be deleted. The rest are going to be grouped nicely, so you can search and find them by categories listed on top: Freelance business, Professional translation, Foreign language teaching, Russian culture, Blogging, and Tips for clients. You can still use the search box in the top right corner and type any keywords, including "personal" to find the posts that have that keyword.

I am going to delete the page about guest blogging because I've been getting too many weird requests from people who can't even spell words in English. You know I am not a native English speaker, that is why I always do my very best to make sure my posts are as error-free as possible.

I am also not a big fan of those bloggers who want to post pure advertisements here. Why would I want to advertise products I haven't tried and agencies I've never worked with? I value my reputation, so I hope you understand why I say 'no' to such requests. On the other hand, if I try something new and really like the experience, I often write about it and I do it for free.

However, if you have something useful to share, I would like to encourage you to contact me. The fact that "Guests posts" page will be gone doesn't mean that I won't accept useful posts from other bloggers. I will even ask some freelancers I know to write a guest post for my blog, so you can have a fresh perspective on some topics.

So why am I saying all that? Because you might not hear much from me in July. I am not sure how long it will take me to make all the necessary changes. I'll do my best to be as quick as possible, so I've given myself a two-week deadline :) But it might take a bit longer, so please bear with me.

Meanwhile, please feel free to browse the archives. Who knows, maybe I've written something in 2010 that would be of interest for you now :)

See you soon and thanks for understanding!



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