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Links for language learning: Russian, English, French

It has been a long time since I recommended something useful and interesting here. So I decided to do it now. Hope you don't mind that =)

When I started writing I had a plan to divide all links into categories like 'language teaching', 'translation' etc. But as I started looking through those links that I had saved in order to share them later with you, I realized that ALL of them have to deal with language teaching! So here they are:

1) This week I came across a wonderful blog that helps foreigners learn Russian. Here it is. It doesn't just give you new vocab and grammar, but describes some cultural issues that stand behind some phrases and words we use. I find it excellent!
2) I also found a great resource for teaching English to children. It has a real wealth of ideas.
3) I have also started to use a great online resource for those trying to learn French. I really like it. Hope it helps me to improve my French ;-)
4) And finally, I really fell in love with this website. I will definitely use some of their articles in my teaching when I have adult students. This year I only have children, and I'm starting to miss teaching grown-ups.

Hope this is helpful to somebody.
Have a great week!


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