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My belated best wishes to all colleagues for the International Translation Day!

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Last weekend we celebrated International Translation Day and I would like to send my best wishes to my colleagues throughout the world! Have you ever thought what would your life be like if you chose some other profession? I definitely can't imagine mine without languages.
I would like to send my very best wishes to all my colleagues. There are some very specific things that I wish to you because I know you love to translate and you want translation to stay in demand for years and years. So here's the list of my wishes to you, dear translators: (actually, I wish the same things to myself, too!)

1. I wish you a stream of fantastic, juicy projects just in your areas of specialty...
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2. ... And more loyal clients who value you as a professional and appreciate your work;
'Handshake' photo (c) 2006, Aidan Jones - license:

3. I wish to you that cool gadget/CAT tool/piece of soft- or hardware etc. that you've been longing to buy but couldn't afford. Now that you have a long list of great projects (and well paid, too!) you will surely be able to get it!
'Software Freedom Day Singapore 09' photo (c) 2009, Ruiwen Chua - license:

4. I wish that you gain understanding and inner confidence that you are very special and that the translation industry needs you with your experience, your language skills and your professional qualities.
'One of the rare non-Apple laptops seen in an otherwise cool park full of cool people' photo (c) 2009, Ed Yourdon - license:

5. I wish you great possibilities for professional growth;
'Study' photo (c) 2010, Jeffrey Smith - license:

6. I surely wish you more networking possibilities and, as a result, more great contacts and more new clients;
'Network Solutions Event with Rohit Bhargava for Small Business' photo (c) 2008, ShashiBellamkonda - license:

7. I wish you new creative ways to market your business ...
'Marketing to Latinos' photo (c) 2011, Melanie Edwards - license:

8. And spotless professional reputation;
'Beautiful Spring Flowers' photo (c) 2011, Forest Wander - license:

9. And finally, a balanced life.
'Balance' photo (c) 2006, Brent Moore - license:

 Have a Happy Translation Day and the Happiest Translation Year ever!

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