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Motivational guide for language learners

Hi! How are you? I hope you've had a good week and are ready for a new blog post which is actually not going to be about translation. It is going to be about learning foreign languages.
Please meet Aaron G Myers, the Author of "The Everyday Language Learner's Guide To Sustaining". If you click here his website will open in a new window. He contacted me this week through Twitter and gave me a link to his Guide which you can find here. I followed the link and as I began reading I realized how special this little booklet really is.
Here's a small quote from the very beginning:
Language guru Greg Thomson observes that, “if we ignore a 
whole bunch of problems, the hardest thing about language learning is 
getting started. The second hardest thing about learning another 
language is not quitting.” The subject of this small work of 
encouragement then is the second half of that thought. Not quitting.  
Keeping at it. Putting in the time. Sustaining. It is probably true about 
much in life that we see as difficult; those who achieve their goals keep at 
them. Instant success is an anomaly that we dare not count on.  
Do you feel interested enough to go on reading? I sure did! And as I kept reading, I got so much encouragement from this person I never knew that I decided to share this Guide with you! I asked Aaron about it and he didn't mind me writing about it here. Actually, he's saying that this booklet is open for anyone. He wants every language learner to succeed, that's why he wrote it.

I know, I sound over excited. Because I am. This Guide encouraged me to keep up with my French lessons even though I have felt no real progress lately. Please read it and let me know what you think about it! And if it helps you become motivated to keep learning a foreign language, please share!

You can view the Guide here.

Happy weekend!

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